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Triangles of the Neck (Visual mnemonic)

A image by Sunjay Parmar

There are various triangles of the neck, largely divided by the sternocleidomastoid muscle to form anterior and posterior triangles. Some triangles are more 'important' that others, and this simplified visual mnemonic hopes to emphasises this.


Wow! That so fantastic! It's great idea to member so triangles of neck is hard to mem.

almost 2 years

This just a diagram. No notes.

about 1 year

You're right that it's essentially a picture, and that's largely the point.

I wanted to simplify the arrangements of the triangles to better appreciate the structures that surround their borders; alongside some mnemonics to remember some high-yield facts about them. Hope this helps

about 1 year

I studied the diagram today and it helped a lot. Thanks for the effort.

about 1 year
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8 months
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2 months

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